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Urban and Suburban Blight in Northeastern PA is a huge problem.  Properties that can be saved are left to rot, crime and property values are severely hurt by these issues.


Information for Lenders

Do you have funds in an IRA, 401k, or other retirement account?

Are your savings making you less than 10% consistently?

Do you worry the value of your hard earned money may go DOWN?

We can help!

And, you can make money and contribute to helping revitalize your community!

Through the power of real estate-secured investments, you can be Guaranteed 10%, 15% even 25% annual returns on your money. Without the hassle of ever buying a property yourself, or even seeing one!

Our members are local, real-world investors .. many that are seasoned with dozens of deals under their belt(s)

Organized by financial professionals, managed by a licensed title company and attorneys, and backed with research from independent sources to confirm value.

Success Stories

Harold & Rafael, Plymouth double

Rafael, an investor from New Jersey wanted to flip a 2 family for an investment rental.  Following what we call a buy-flip-rent-refinance structure, he needed some additional money to manage the buy/flip portion.  A timeline of about 90 days.

Harold, a retired military officer and N.E.P.A. local loaned Rafael $40,000 for this deal.  Approximately 80% of the money in the deal.

The agreement was 15% in 90 days.  $6,000 profit for Harold, and Rafael would refinance the property (to a normal bank or lender) and rent it out for ongoing income.  and it worked ALMOST as planned.  Harold almost got his 60% annualized profit.

Almost.  Except the repayment didn’t happen in 90 days.  Rafael paid off in 60 days.  One month early.  Harold’s profit was 75% annualized APY.

=>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>=>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>  =>

Steve & Guy, Avoca Single Flip

Steve, Founder of this site and a local investor, found a house he wanted to flip.  Good numbers, right time of year, it was ready.  Except, Steve didn’t have any available cash.

Guy, an individual from Allentown, had some money in a SDIRA (Self Directed IRA), and agreed to fund the deal.  The agreement was for$6,300.00  in 6 months.  a 30% annualized return for Guy’s SD IRA.

Another “almost”.  The flip didn’t sell as expected.  Took nearly 3 extra months (for which extra interest was paid).  Guy’s SDIRA ended up making about 21%.  Try that in any other secure investment.


More millionaires are made in real estate than in any other industry.   But, how do you make real estate work for you if you aren’t a millionaire?   You need money.  Other people’s  money.

We don’t use major lenders, or even lending institutions.  We fund your deal using money from individuals in your local community.

People. Regular people who are putting up their IRA/401K or other sources of money to help renovate homes in their local community.  No bureaucracy, just simple business.

Invest through I Fund Your Deal  and you can make better than average returns on their money (at least 8%, often as high as 20% per year) fully secured by local real estate.   The projects you fund are in your local area, so you can physically drive over and check them out.  You know the people, places and homes you’re helping to save.

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